What is Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SECE)?

Developed by Canadian pedagogues Dorothy and Sharon Jones with Shinichi Suzuki, SECE is a weekly group class designed for children age 0 to 3, and up to age 4. SECE classes offer each child the opportunity to play instruments, sing, learn rhythm and experience the elementary rudiments of music. These classes are firmly routed in the Suzuki philosophy of music education. These classes have a maximum of 10 children per group (and their grown-up!). SECE is a fantastic way to prepare each child (and their grown-up) for instrument specific lessons.  

Each week, classes allow for individual focus on weekly progress, careful attention to skill-building, purposeful repetition, and lots of fun too! The class uses repetitive repertoire to encourage mastery of skills, exploration of new skills and a comfortable environment for everyone. 

What are the fundamental concepts of the SECE curriculum?

  • Every child can learn

  • Ability develops early
  • Environment nutures growth
  • Children learn from one another
  • Success breeds success
  • Parental involvement in education is critical
  • Encouragement is essential

Follow this link to learn more about the history and supporting research in  

Suzuki Early Childhood Education

Video Link: The Suzuki Early Childhood Experience 

Podcast Link: Building Noble Hearts, Episode 5- "Skills I didn't know my child had"

Suzuki Early CHildhood Information

Program Information

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Sharon Jones, Debbie Hammond & Dorothy Jones at SECE training session ‚Äč

The SECE program begins in September 2019. Classes are available on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at Bells Corners United Church. Each session lasts 10 weeks and the cost is $190 CDN per session. Each class has a maximum of 10 students and their grown-up. All families are required to purchase the companion recordings in either digital or CD form. Although enrolment in the SECE program is sessional, the program is meant to guide parents and students through an incredible life long learning experience of musical environment and community, observation and ability development.   

Scheduling Note: Because Ottawa weather can be unpredictable, each session includes one extra calendar week. This week will only be needed in case of a severe weather event. 

Registration Form: Please click on the button to complete the online registration form. This is required for all students.  

Fees: The session fee is $190. Payments are accepted via online e-transfer (hammondsuzukistudio@gmail.com). If the e-transfer requires a password, please use "Suzuki". Payment can also be processed through PayPal. Please use the button below to be redirected to PayPal. 

Recordings: Our class companion recordings are available through digital options (iTunes) or in CD form. All families are required to purchase these recordings for home listening. The digital materials are sold in two collections- Week 1 & Week 2. You will need to purchase both collections. If you have requested a CD copy in your registration form, a materials fee of $25 will be due at the first class. The materials fee may be submitted by e-transfer, cash or cheque. 


Digital Materials Links: Week 1 Curriculum, Week 2 Curriculum

Tuesday Classes at 10:00am or 11:00am

Session 1: September 17 to December 3 
Session 2: January 14 to March 31 
Session 3: April 7 to June 16 

Wednesday Classes 10:00am or 11:00am

Session 1: September 18 to December 4
Session 2: January 15 to April 1
Session 3: April 8 to June 17